6 Benefits of Artificial Plant Walls

Below are six examples of the benefits of Artificial Plant Walls over Traditional Living walls. Don't get us wrong, we love living walls, but we also realise their limitations and they aren't always suitable for everyone or every situation. This is why we came up with this list to highlight why you might want to consider artificial Green Panels.

1. No maintenance - Time and again we are told of the benefits of green space on our mental wellbeing and in a year like the one we have just had in 2020 this seems more important than ever. So in an attempt to capture some of this green goodness for ourselves at home, we spend a fortune on plants which one by one become just another nagging responsibility in our already busy lives. Eventually we forget to water them past the point of resurrection, we put off potting them for one month too many or we just finally give up altogether and admit defeat to the endless army of slugs. But it doesn’t have to be this way. It is possible to have perfect planting without the pressure of keeping it alive and looking its best. Artificial planting makes a beautiful green space in your home with no mess, no pests and no maintenance. It will boost your mood and brighten your room.
2. Low Cost -  With artificial living walls, it is just a one off investment that you can enjoy for a lifetime. In comparison to traditional living walls, the cost is far lower. This is because traditional living walls also require continued maintenance, irrigation costs, feeding, and also run the risk of plants failing and becoming a sunken cost. It can be a costly endeavor that has not guarantee for it to work.
3. No pests -  Living walls naturally attract pests which may not be ideal for some people’s situations.
4. Looks great all year round - Living walls require carefully selected planting schemes to suit the environment they are in. The plants run a higher risk of failing to thrive if they are not suitable. The plants will also go through the seasons and look better at different times of the year. The benefit of artificial plant walls is obviously that they will look fantastic all year round in every season.
5. Can put them anywhere - Artificial plant walls can go anywhere, unlike traditional living walls, there is no irrigation or drainage or damp issues to worry about. Green panels  couldn’t be easier to install and give instant greenery.Install of green panel
6. Instant Impact - One of the major benefits of Artificial Plant walls, is that it gives instant impact. Our Green Panels can instantly make dull walls look lush and vibrant. They’re instant impact also makes them extremely useful for events and staging.