How to Install Green Plant Panels

How to Install Green Plant Panels

Our Green Panels are structured using a grid system that the artificial plants are carefully tied to. This makes the product lightweight and super versatile when installing and also means the product can be cut to suit custom shapes.

install green panel

Due to the simple design, the Green Panels can be installed in a number of different ways to sit the environment.

  • Hang using hooks/screws onto a wall.
  • Hang using Command hooks for zero drilling requirements.
  • Cut to size using bolt cutters/hacksaw on the frame, use some rust proof paint on the cuts.
  • Hang onto railings using cable ties.

back of green panel

For best practices on installation, follow these guidelines:

  • For hanging multiple panels, leave no more than a 2cm gap between frames.
  • Hang the panels onto a dark background. A black material behind the panels is preferable as this helps hide the black grid. 
  • Framing around the panels will hide any visibility of the grids.

framed green panel

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