Using Green Panels to revamp your home office

Working from home is becoming an increasingly popular option for those who can easily do so. And thanks to the recent pandemic, a cultural shift has increased the percentage of remote workers, and it looks like a change that could be here to stay. In fact data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) showed that exclusive remote working rose to a high of 38% in June 2020. 


With remote working comes virtual meetings. Virtual meetings give colleagues and employers an eye into your home that otherwise wouldn’t be possible, and we know that sometimes, peoples homes don’t necessarily reflect their work persona as well as you might like it to. In fact, The BBC reported a recent rise in book sales and ‘instant libraries’ just to decorate the background of the home office. We have also seen an upward trend in plant walls being used in office backgrounds too.


Planting and Green Panels tend to work very well in an office as it brings texture and colour to what are usually neutral coloured areas. It has a classy but unobtrusive quality that we believe cannot be matched with other styles of decoration or art. It has also become known that greenery and planting in offices reduce stress and improves efficiency, making Green Panels the perfect solution to your virtual meeting call background.