About Green Panels

At Green Panels we love the versatile beauty of artificial plant walls. In recent years we have seen demand for plant walls soar as they are used increasingly to create high-end home designs, impactful event staging, uplifting retail spaces and positive office interiors. At Green Panels our mission is to make quality green walls accessible for everyone, with affordable prices, easy installation and a range of stunning style options. We use natural-look realistic planting and a variety of plant shapes and textures in all our designs.  


With our years of experience in the landscape and garden design industry, we know that perfect planting can transform any space. We also know that for most people the cost, maintenance and tricky installation of many traditional living plant walls is a barrier to having the beautiful green space they long for. This knowledge is what inspired us to create Green Panels, we want to make perfect, easy maintenance plant walls possible for everyone, anywhere, anytime. We believe that our artificial green panels can give you all the beauty and the benefits of a living plant wall but none of the drawbacks.